Battlestar® Secret
Code Of Honor Superhero Trainer

This is the Secret Battlestar® Code Of Honor Superhero Trainer. It contains secrets of the Battlestar® Intergalactic Warriors, Guardians of the Universe and Defenders of the Future. In order to help save Earth from the Evil Sorgons, you must know P.I.I.M.D.E.F.N.A.T. the Intergalactic Code Of Honor. There are 3 reasons to learn the Code.

Reason #1 - A Battlestar knows that Evil preys upon the weak and feeble minded. He or She also knows that P.I.I.M.D.E.F.N.A.T. is the best defense against Evil because it will help develop a strong body and a strong mind.

Reason #2 - A Battlestar knows P.I.I.M.D.E.F.N.A.T. provides a source of Inspiration, Strength and Courage
necessary to fight Evil .

Reason #3
- A Battlestar knows that P.I.I.M.D.E.F.N.A.T. will make him or her a better person and therefore make the world a better place. This in turn will help Defend The Future and Save The Universe!

Help Defend The Future!
Learn P.I.I.M.D.E.F.N.A.T
the Secret Intergalactic Code Of Honor!